Lay Within Us

Just allow your eyes to speak.
Let’s just not try and remember now.
How their eyes felt us,
them forgetting us!
So just lay within me.
Don’t you love this feeling?
This shield.
This mind.
This warm­-cool place.
This is us!
This is our space!

Stay here!
You are no longer second here!
Stay! Here!
You’re slipping, slipping fast!
You're playing with these words.
These words are slipping.
We’re forgetting yourself, ourselves!
We’re going to be second a second time.
You’re repeating yourself, confusing yourself with me!

Don’t you see that our tears now fall from ours lips?
Tasting emotions that can only be seen by these eyes.

Don’t let our eyes taste again, Shadowboy! Please just lay here and allow your eyes
to feel their stares.
Their eyes are doing the talking, the tasting. Their eyes are going to taste us!

Their eyes are almost upon our skin now, kissing us with their stares.
Tasting our tears.

They are pinning you down with their stares. So lay there.
Take it!
Lay beside yourself.

Lay within their words.
Where our hearts will
stop repeating.
Allowing our hearts to go slow, slow. 

As our soul slips away...